Running, And Other Bad Habits

"This book is guaranteed NOT to make you run any faster, smarter, or prettier. But, it should make you laugh the next time you race to a Port-o-let!"

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“Mark Henderson from Houston, Texas, is the funniest human I have ever met in my entire life!” ~ Catra C. (after Mark paced her in Angeles Crest 100-miler)

“Marko is freakin’ hilarious!” ~ Jim S.

“This is great! There needs to be more running books like this.” ~ Bill R.

“Mark has a Texas drawl way of telling stories, which . . . make almost every scene hilarious. I couldn’t put it down and read all 200 pages in one sitting.” ~ Frank N.

“Please understand, I do NOT laugh a lot about anything . . . yet your book had me laughing and grinning nearly every page.” ~ Tony M.

“Well, it wasn’t as funny as we had hoped, but it was very nicely written.” ~ Mom

“I don’t care if you buy this book for yourself or for the runner you love–JUST BUY IT!”

~Mark Henderson, Author, Starving Artist…laborer, painter, maid, carpenter’s aide, bottle cap smasher, penny-blogger, ranch hand, wood chopper, weed-whacker, road miner, brand ambassador, puppy groomer, stall-cleaner, fish cleaner, poop-picker-upper, can picker-upper….